• Renovation

    If you're planning to renovate a house or an apartment, we can help you make the best decisions for space planning to match your needs. Renovation projects often pose technical challenges - we'll identify potential problem areas and offer technical solutions

  • Building a House

    The beauty of building a new house is that you have the freedom to make it exactly as you like. However, this freedom also means countless options for how to plan and design your dream space. We'll work hand in hand with you and the architect to come up with the ideal plan to match your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you make your choices with absolute confidence, turning your interior design vision into an actionable plan

  • Interior Design

    If you're looking to refresh your interior design and update an existing space, we'll listen to your vision and ideas, and offer you a mood board with items that will elevate your interior to the next level. We'll also assist you in creating a color palette and space layouts, all in close collaboration with you.

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Our Expertise

Interior Design Plan

We'll create 2D and 3D plan to visualise the changes according to real life measurements.

Legal Work for Construction

We're no strangers when it comes to the paperwork needed to begin the construction, we'll take care of it!

Construction Work

We have our own team of experienced workers, so you are in safe hands.

Materials and Delivery

We make sure that the right materials are delivered to the project in the right construction phase- yes there is a lot to manage in this regard.

Process Mediation

We make sure that your vision is matched with the most suitable technical solutions and communicate it to the construction team.

Construction Management

We monitor the quality of the work and make sure the design guidelines are in place.

Custom Furniture Design

We design and create custom furniture when needed- bespoke kitchens, built in closets etc.

Here's What Our Client's Say:

"This is my first experience of such cooperation and I believe that I am very lucky! I had always thought that designers only come up with the design itself.. but no - plans, estimates, organization of work and craftsmen, procurement of materials and all control.. that's exactly what I needed, because the picture itself is quite clear to me too:) I don't know how do I find such cool people, but this project is just a fabulous experience and I can say with all seriousness - no, it doesn't hurt:)''

-Laila [renovation project]